MEAR ONE ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ at BEYOND EDEN

Thinkspace and C.A.V.E. Gallery present
MEAR ONE ‘Cognitive Dissonance’

Featured solo showcase as part of BEYOND EDEN 2015 this October

We are honored this year to also be showcasing the powerful new work from Los Angeles’ very own west coast king of graffiti, MEAR ONE. In ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ MEAR ONE explodes back onto the scene with a thought-provoking narrative series of large oils and acrylics, recently described by the SF WEEKLY as the “blood diamonds of pop-surrealism” and by fans as the “Robert Williams of Graffiti.” Don’t miss this special exhibition, on display as part of C.A.V.E. Gallery and Thinkspace’s featured programming for Beyond Eden 2015.

Mear One Dawning of a New Age

Mear One Revolution

Mear One Self Scientific


Beyond Eden Meggs

Featured solo exhibition as part of this year’s BEYOND EDEN event presented by Thinkspace – MEGGS: PAVING PARADISE

The title of this exhibition is inspired by the iconic lyric, “They paved paradise, to put up a parking lot,” sung by Joni Mitchell in her famous 1970’s song Big Yellow Taxi.

The sentiment of this powerful lyric and the song itself mourns the loss of natural beauty at the hands of industrialization. Mitchell mocks the irony of over-developing a place with natural surrounds, which attracted people in the first place.

The artwork in this show plays on the same irony and notion of tragedy. Consumerism, materialism, and over-development of the urban landscape are rapidly devastating the same natural resources and beauty we conceive as ‘Paradise’ — a utopian place where its community can live in peace, resources are sustainable, and we can equally appreciate the natural and social environment we live in.

‘Paving Paradise’ juxtaposes images of industry and urban decay with the beauty and vibrance of nature, sending a message that we must preserve & appreciate the ‘paradises’ we seek. We need to live with less, be more community-minded, and practice sustainability before it is too late to do so again.

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.
They paved paradise, to put up a parking lot….”

More details coming soon.

“The Gilded Age” Opening Reception & VIP Viewing

the gilded age

‘The Gilded Age’ featuring new works from Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, and Joao Ruas is an exhibition designed around opulence. When Thinkspace Gallery director Andrew Hosner approached Horkey and asked to describe his ideal group exhibition, Horkey immediately suggested Esao Andrews and João Ruas as choice gallery companions. All three artists share an inexhaustible penchant for detail, a preference for all things ornate, and an antediluvian sensibility that tends towards allegory and myth.

We hosted a VIP night for the artists and then the following night was the opening reception, the following photos are a mixture and recap of both nights. The artist did not do wardrobe changes mid-reception.

horkey names

horkey names II

horkey by himself

horkey close up

siador ruas

ruas close up


gilded age I

gilded age 2

gilded age 5

gilded age 4

esao greg andrew

aaron nagel

karla 1

karla 2


ga room

ga 2

line 1

line 2

line 3

opening 1

crowd 2

esao 1

horkey 1

joao 2

the man in the suit

‘Invisible College’ at the Fort Wayne Museum Of Art is ALMOST OVER!

Fort Wayne Invisible College

Invisible College, a group exhibition co-curated by Thinkspace Gallery and Josef Zimmerman of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art is coming to a close next Sunday, September 27th.  The exhibition features new and representative works by 46 artists belonging to the New Contemporary movement, with special mural installations by Andrew Schoultz, Cyrcle, Mark Dean Veca and Troy Lovegates. Invisible College also includes a must-see featured installation by Brett Amory. If you are in the area, make weekend destination plans for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and don’t miss being a part of the new contemporary art movement.


The Gilded Age Opening Reception featured on Arrested Motion

the gilded age arrested motion

As we are sorting through the hundreds of photos taken during the opening of The Gilded Age, Arrested Motion already has their 11 page spread up on their site. The Gilded Age featuring Esao Andrews, Aaron Horkey, and Joao Ruas is on view till October 3. Visit the Thinkspace Gallery website to see all the works in the show.

The Gilded Age featuring new works by Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, and João Ruas. Co-curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace and Horkey himself, the duo set out to put together a “dream-team” exhibition, giving it a title that harkened back to the late 19th century and the industrial revolution.  Horkey ended up handpicking Andrews and Ruas to accompany him and the results are truly outstanding.


LAX/LHR Opening Reception

LAX/LHR opened Thursday, September 3 and then little than a week later we were putting the finishing touches on our major print release for ‘The Gilded Age‘.  Needless to say, we at Thinkspace Gallery have been busy! Here are a few photos taken from the LAX/LHR opening reception at StolenSpace Gallery in London. You can view all works in the show digitally by visiting the Thinkspace Gallery website here.









The good people at Butterfly Art  stopped by and took their own photos of favorite pieces. Visit their website for an additional perspective of the exhibition.

LAX/LHR is on view till September 26th.
Please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website for more details.

LAX/LHR Highlighted on Hi-Fructose

LAX LHR Hi Fructose

We love the title of Hi-Fuctose’s online article covering our recent exhibition ‘LAX/LHR’ at StolenSpace Gallery in London. Yes, we invaded London with amazing works by a collection of post-contemporary artists who are shaping the movement. View the full article and a selection of their favorite pieces on .

For more information on ‘LAX/LHR’ please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

We’ve been steadily following the expansion of Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles into overseas territory with their ongoing ‘LAX’ exhibition series. Their latest collaboration is with StolenSpace Gallery in London, which debuted last night, and it is perhaps their most massive at 136 artists and over 140 works of art.